The Austen Girls

Gepubliceerd op 27 maart 2021 om 09:11

En dan rest er mij enkel nog het boek van deze box aan jullie voor te stellen. 🎁

The Austen Girls van Lucy Worsley is een fantastische YA over het leven van de nichtjes Austen. Er zit voor ieder wat wils in: romantiek, spanning en historische info. 📖


It is 1809 and Fanny and Anna have just been launched on to the ruthless Regency marriage market by Fanny's mother (think Mrs Bennet). But luckily their mysteriously wealthy Aunt Jane is there to guide them and help them make better choices - i.e. don't get married at all!

Jane plays detective to help them rescue a falsely accused friend from being transported to Australia, while Anna impetuously makes and breaks an engagement. Fanny is forced to leave the marriage market when her mother dies and she has to look after ten siblings. She learns the secret of Jane's wealth and self-possession (she is, of course, a writer) and decides to follow in her footsteps.


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